Il rito della pizza

since 1901

A disc of pizza dough that engages all five senses, a simple dish to be created anew everyday.
Pizza is something to believe in, to taste, to experience.

A precious legacy

A burning fire, the alleys of Naples, the rising dough, the techniques of the Arte Bianca handed down from generation to generation and the desire to innovate whilst reaching back to the roots. Our story begins in 1901 but our constant goal is the present: every day we want to share the flavors and colors of our tradition.

Taste and tradition

«Our recipes are based on those simple and genuine flavors that make us feel at home. Even now, the combination of tastes we offer our customers come from the dishes we ate at home. The authenticity of this liturgy of gestures is what we wanted to consecrate forever through the pizza ritual.”»

Antonio Starita

Not only in Naples

Not only in Naples